How does it work?

  1. Monitoring: Our technical platform scours the internet for relevant betting and gaming and streaming keywords and phrases to find all instances of commercial and referral gambling content, traffic, audience, advertising popularity and more.
  2. Reporting: Content is analysed, categorized and classified into legal and illegal groups, at the top level, and into splits by sports, product, event and more.
  3. Prioritizing: Once separated into what comes from legal operators and what comes from illegal entrants, the platform uses AI, machine learning and expert human intervention to rank, order and value threats to the individual stakeholder, and the ecosystem overall. The Yield Sec Matrix prioritizes these threats to revenue, market share, player and audience protection, compliance, responsible gaming and potential taxation at the State and National level, based upon the calendar and events cycle. Content featuring advertising for illegal Super Bowl bets in late January in a US State then, is a far higher priority than content pushing illegal Pai Gow Poker in any US State at any time of year.
  4. Enforcing: Prioritization presents a detailed view of what content needs to be controlled and remedied at the legal operator level (non-compliant advertising from referral partners, for example), and what content needs to be cleared and removed from illegal operators, period. To facilitate removals of illegal content, Yield Sec works alongside media partners, regulators and law enforcement across search, social and digital media platforms which supply the "oxygen" of advertising, availability and destinations.

The point?

When consumers want to watch and bet on sports, casino or lottery online, they should find fair and safe online betting and gaming in every regulated marketplace.

Today, not every streaming, betting, gaming and lottery app or website is legal.

This impacts local commerce and community in every jurisdiction: onshore jobs, supply chain, oversight and control, and the fundamental societal quid pro quo: the receipt of regulated revenue and taxation. This financial commitment of provision for onshore commerce, community and consumer safety is what society requires for gambling to be present and sustainable. Its removal by illegal operators is not a "grey market", a "black market", "loss" or "leakage". It is theft.

The following methodology modules are part of the Yield Sec platform:


  • Online Analytics The world's largest database of contextual and relevant search terms for streaming, betting, gambling and lottery content.
    This seeds all online monitoring.
  • Online Monitoring Meta-level and anonymous surveillance of all streaming, betting, gambling and lottery activity within a jurisdiction, based upon human users and their dwell time, activity and interaction with streaming and gambling content across search, sites, apps, ads, social media, video content platforms, payment wallets and providers, and audience user groups.
    This surveils all online content connected to online streaming and gambling.


  • Content Analysis The proprietary Yield Sec Matrix, built on AI, machine-learning and expert human team inputs, assesses features of streaming and gambling content for:
    • Legal status: Legal or Illegal
    • Content Status: Affiliate or Operator; Advertising or Referral Content; Sponsorship or Direct Placement; User-generated Content or Corporate-generated content.
    • Products & Pricing: Sports betting, casino, table games, slots, live dealer, poker, lottery, predictor, fantasy sports, social casino, and more.
    • Offers and bonuses.
    • Payments: Minimum deposit and cash-out thresholds; payment types; fiat currency and crypto currency.
  • Audience Activity Analysis Traffic monitoring and journeys, aggregate user journeys, dwell time, page journeys, transaction interaction, payment interaction.


  • Activity and Revenue Analysis The Yield Sec platform assesses all activity across legal and illegal streaming and gambling interaction to arrive at a benchmark Yield Sec Value Per Visit (VPV) for audience activity across:
    • Traffic: The data underlying unique human activity from online gambling and streaming.
    • Revenue: The data underlying spend behavior from online gambling and streaming.
    • Market share: How channelized is the marketplace, how much activity and revenue accrues to legal sources, versus illegal and unlicensed ones?

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