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Betting and gaming marketplace interaction is about legal versus illegal. In each regulated marketplace, we help legal stakeholders prevent revenue and taxation theft, optimize licensed operations and protect customers.

The Challenge

Illegal sports betting takes up to $1.7 trillion each year - all of that is revenue and taxation removed from legal marketplaces.

Marketplaces today use a variety of measures to try control the betting and gaming industry, such as payment blocks, IP and DNS restrictions and brand blacklists. None of these work.

The presence of illegal operators creates an industry duality:

  • Customers are not uniformly protected
  • Legal, licensed operators compete at a disadvantage
  • Industry revenues and taxation flow out of the jurisdiction, towards illegal operators

The level playing field of a truly contained, optimal marketplace can only be realized by following the money to identify all marketplace interaction and illicit interference with the legal, licensed industry.

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What is Yield Sec?

Developed from a military counterinsurgency stack, Yield Sec is a technical intelligence platform with advisory services for government, regulator, legal operators, media and content platforms & other stakeholders working towards an essential goal: The provision of an identified, protected, optimized and sustainable marketplace for betting, gaming and lotteries.

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Yield Sec monitors everything across each jurisdiction’s betting, gaming and lottery reality. We offer vital products for government, regulators, legal operators and suppliers, media and content platforms and other stakeholders that help guide insight and drive the right decisions and results.

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Intelligence to guide the right decisions and results and achieve the contained, compliant commercial marketplace.

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