Yield Sec is a technical and advisory solution for government and regulators that creates a protected, licensed marketplace for online gambling.

Yield Sec produces sustainable, predictable performance across taxation-raising from betting and gaming by removing black market influence and instability.

The solution simultaneously provides for sincere player protection as it removes the casual availability of irresponsible and unwelcome unlicensed sites and apps from everyone, including minors and those struggling with problems caused by gambling-related harm.

The two targets all regulators can focus upon with Yield Sec alongside their mandate are simple: player protection and tax yield.

Yield Sec creates a regulatory ring-fence for every licensed and soon-to-be licensed market, aligning the will of politics and legislation to control the offering, availability, and pervasiveness of online betting and gaming, with the reality of monitoring, policing and enforcement - our three processes to promote and protect the level playing field.

Yield Sec understands how the betting and gaming black market operates, online, and our system works to find it, flag it and block it, to protect each regulated market and consumers within it.