Yield Sec is an actionable intelligence platform with advisory services for government, regulator, legal operators, media and content platforms & other stakeholders working towards an essential goal: The provision of an identified, protected and optimized marketplace by removing black-market influence and instability to create future sustainability.

Under the hood, Yield Sec’s platform, products, processes and people present the right framework for government, regulator, legal industry, law enforcement and other stakeholders to make and action decisions from. The decisions that protect and perfect both valuable and at-risk online marketplaces and their consumers, today.

We developed the Yield Sec (short for “yield security”) technical intelligence platform, machine learning and AI from a proven military counterinsurgency stack. The same technology that identifies, tracks and helps fight terrorism and political violence underpins our solution to combat the commercial insurgency represented by illegal, black-market gambling operators.

The legal foundation of Yield Sec's proposition is simple: Illegal black market operators breach long-established criminal law. By taking regulated revenue and tax yield out of a contained, licensed marketplace, illegal operators satisfy one crime: Theft.

How does it work?

  1. Monitoring: Our technical platform scours the internet for relevant betting and gaming keywords and phrases to find all instances of commercial and referral gambling content, traffic, audience, advertising popularity and more.
  2. Reporting: Content is analyzed, categorized and classified into legal and illegal groups, at the top level, and into splits by sports, product, event and more.
  3. Prioritizing: Once separated into what comes from legal operators and what comes from illegal entrants, the platform uses AI, machine learning and expert human intervention to rank, order and value threats to the individual stakeholder, and the ecosystem overall. The Yield Sec Matrix prioritizes these threats to revenue, market share, player and audience protection, compliance, responsible gaming and potential taxation at the State and National level, based upon the calendar and events cycle. Content featuring advertising for illegal Super Bowl bets in late January in a US State then, is a far higher priority than content pushing illegal Pai Gow Poker in any US State at any time of year.
  4. Enforcing: Prioritization presents a detailed view of what content needs to be controlled and remedied at the legal operator level (non-compliant advertising from referral partners, for example), and what content needs to be cleared and removed from illegal operators, period. To facilitate removals of illegal content, Yield Sec works alongside media partners, regulators and law enforcement across search, social and digital media platforms which supply the “oxygen” of advertising.

The point?

When consumers want to bet on sports, casino or lottery online, they should find fair and safe online betting and gaming.

Today, not every betting, gaming and lottery app or website is legal.

Yield Sec will assist legal stakeholders in making it unprofitable for black-market operators to remain in operation. Our platform helps reduce and restrict illegal operator presence and profitability by denying these criminal entrants the oxygen of marketing to acquire new audience and reach or reactivate any existing customers.

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