What results can clients expect from our solutions to help drive the right decisions and outcomes?

The contained, compliant commercial marketplace

A truly level playing field for licensed operators with a meaningfully safe and fair experience for consumers, including those who require exclusion. Yield Sec’s platform, processes and people combine to produce the most comprehensive view of the Total Addressable Marketplace, allowing for the discovery, disruption and disconnection of criminal efforts to cheat, deceive and steal revenue and taxation, whilst abusing customers and players. There is simply no manual fact-finding, fact-checking, decision-enabling match for the abilities of the Yield Sec platform.

Predictable legal operator revenues and tax yield

No more black-market revenue and tax theft. A Yield Sec marketplace is a sustainable marketplace, populated only by licensed operators, who can achieve growth from positive competition and placing primacy upon improved customer experiences, with player safety and sustainability throughout.

Meaningful player protection

Consumers can only be sincerely protected when the marketplace is effectively protected, first. The exclusion of illegal operators enables social responsibility measures to be uniformly applied among a contained group of licensed operators, all of whom face oversight and supervision from an informed, assisted and supported regulator.

Why do marketplaces need Yield Sec?

When consumers want to bet on sports or gamble, they should find responsible betting & gaming operators to enjoy fair & safe online betting & gaming.

Today, in most markets, the majority of bets, sites and apps are illegal.

Yield Sec monitors and protects the marketplace so that:

  • Consumers don’t need to check before they bet
  • Legal operators & suppliers gain the revenues they should
  • Legal operators & suppliers maintain the reputation & fair market equity value they should
  • State & National governments gain the taxation they should
  • Law enforcement can pursue unpaid taxation & other revenues

Betting & Gaming should not fund crime. It should fund our commerce & communities.

Yield Sec is the licensed marketplace:

  • Optimized
  • Protected

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