The regulatory ring-fence: Yield Sec is the catalyst for a truly level, licensed playing field across online betting, gaming and gambling.

What to expect from Yield Sec’s protection implementation:

  • The achievement of healthy, sustainable and predictable taxation yield across a contained industry and from products that are now offered to consumers with uniform responsibility
  • The detection, discovery, prevention and exclusion of unlicensed, black market site appearances, access, awareness and attraction across all parts of the online population
    • Adults who choose to gamble and bet can do so safely with licensed, approved and regulated operators
    • Minors and those at risk of gambling harm are prevented from finding sources for illegal, illicit, harm-enabling activity and made practically aware of support and eHealth measures
    • Truly effective status for self-exclusion, ”cool-off” and other social responsibility measures among a cohesive, licensed gambling industry towards consumers that are now aware of the difference between “licensed” and “unlicensed” operations, in practical terms
  • Licensees: An increase in the number of legal, licensed online operators as previously grey or black market sites accept they must come onshore to participate in the licensed market, pay taxes and become compliant
  • Truly fair and competitive pricing for consumers: Licensed sites no longer need to compete against unfair, unlicensed pricing and market opportunities from locally-banned products - for example political and entertainment betting in many US States