We are a tech intelligence business, headquartered in Denver and with operations around the World.

Data analyst

Working remotely, our data analysts help Yield Sec identify and qualify online content across the betting, gaming and lottery marketplace. Each marketplace that Yield Sec covers requires a clear picture of sports betting, casino, poker, bingo and lottery activity to answer a series of important questions for our clients across operations, product supply, payments, media, regulation, government and law enforcement:

  • What content is available in the marketplace?
  • Is it legal or illegal content?
  • If legal, is it compliant and safe content?
  • If illegal, is it targeting the territory/jurisdiction?
  • If illegal, who is it offered by and where does it lead consumers?

This forensic assessment across marketplace opportunities helps build a complete picture of gambling opportunities in the marketplace and works alongside our unique machine-learning and AI technologies to help our legal stakeholder clients move the marketplace away from funding crime and towards positively benefiting our commerce and communities.

Skills: Requirements

  • College student or graduate
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian - fluency in at least 2 languages is a minimum requirement (written and verbal). Working proficiency (written and verbal) across all 4 languages with fluency in at least 2 is preferred
  • Detailed level of online experience and knowledge across advertising, social media platforms, forums and user groups, streaming platforms
  • Comfortable using online tools and our bespoke system, to create clear, reliable and detailed audit trails across task-based analysis
  • Shift-based routines: Flexible scheduling
  • Remote working: A clear working path is established for each Data Analyst, which successful candidates will receive training for. Work will be conducted from remote locations to a secure upload point and all activity monitored for an audit trail of analytics activity
  • Age: At least 21 years of age or older

Please only apply if you meet the requirements above with a CV detailing your education and professional experience and a cover letter briefly explaining why you feel you should be considered for this opportunity.